Preliminary statistics released by the Virginia State Police indicate that 13 persons were killed in 13 traffic crashes over Thanksgiving weekend in Virginia. The state police added that four of the victims were not wearing seat belts, and alcohol played a role in at least four of the crashes. Three of the victims were pedestrians and one was a motorcyclist. Last year, Thanksgiving-related accidents (i.e., over the five-day official counting period) claimed 12 lives, nine of whom were not using  seatbelts.

Traffic fatalities in Virgina overall are on the decline compared to this time last year, however.

Over the long holiday weekend, Virginia state troopers participated in Operation CARE (Combined Accident Reduction Effort), a national program designed to decrease crashes, fatalities, and injuries during national holidays caused by speeding, impaired driving and the failure to use seatbelts or other restraints.  Virginia troopers issued more than 10,000 speeding tickets and arrested about 130 persons for DUI through midnight Sunday. Prior to the holiday weekend, troopers also conducted a Click It or Ticket enforcement wave.

About 75% of the state police force was mobilized for holiday enforcement action.

While most Virginia motorists drive responsibly, during the holiday party season it is especially important for Virginia motorists to be vigilant behind the wheel. And all drivers and passengers should wear seatbelts at all times.

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