In an alleged DUI-related tragedy, a motorist who had just left a Jimmy Buffet concert according to police rear-ended another vehicle in Manassas, Virginia, killing a two-year-old boy and his grandmother. Two other passengers in the stricken vehicle, the boy’s mother who was driving, and a nephew, were injured in the collision. The family was returning home from a Tennessee vacation.

Prince William County police charged the man, a Stafford, Virginia resident, with driving under the influence for the September 4 incident which occurred at the intersection of Prince William Parkway and University Boulevard around 1:00 am.

According to Washington’s Fox 5, the impact sent the family’s car flying off the roadway, across a field and crash landing on a boulder. A police investigation is ongoing.

The state of Virginia is said to have some of the toughest drunk driving laws in the nation. According to the Virginia DMV, if a police officer has probable cause, the officer can arrest a driver involved in a motor vehicle crash for DUI within three hours of the crash without a warrant and at any location. When operating a motor vehicle in Virginia, a motorist is legally considered driving or operating under the influence with a blood alcohol content (BAC) is 0.08 percent or higher.

Unfortunately, accidents on Virginia roads brought about by impaired drivers cause serious injuries and death every day across the state. And in addition to severe administrative and criminal penalties, a drunk driver can be held separately liable in civil court for money damages.

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