Another collision has occurred on 2nd Street and Brambleton Avenue between a car and a light rail train in Downtown Norfolk. This will be the second accident involving a Tide light rail train in less than a week, with just 2 days before its grand opening. 


According to WVEC, Haywood Waller was driving a 1992 Ford van on 2nd St, attempting to make a right onto Brambleton Avenue when he collided with a moving light rail train. Mr. Waller was taken to the hospital with minor injuries, no one else was hurt.

He has been issued a summons for disregarding a traffic direction signal.

HRT President and CEO Philip Shucet told WVEC, “People need to look at the signs and obey them,” said Shucet.  “I don’t think the train collided with the van.  I think the van collided with the train, but our investigation will have to be done to verify this.”

Last week, the Norfolk light rail train was involved in a hit and run at the same intersection.  A blue Toyota Camry clipped the light rail train, knocking off the left front quarter panel, and drove off.  This was the first car and light rail accident to occur before the opening of the Tide. 

The Tide is still scheduled to open for riders on Friday.

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