Virginia state legislators have recognized that texting and emailing while driving is a major distraction to drivers. The Virginian Pilot reported that in 2008, distracted driver crashes totaled 28,395 which led to 114 deaths.This is why it is now illegal to text or e-mail while operating a motor vehicle in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

The ban will be a secondary offense, which means officers may not cite you for this offense unless you are being stopped for another violation.
The first offense will hold a $20 fine and a $50 fine will be enforced thereafter.

There are a few exemptions from this new law. Any drivers that are parked, reporting an emergency, using GPS devices, and emergency vehicle operators will not be fined.
Car and Driver Magazine, which involved recording reaction times when texting and driving, concluded that texting while driving proved to significantly decrease reaction time, even more so than drinking and driving.


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