This blog often reports on the dire consequences of drinking and driving, especially among new drivers. However, drunk drivers from all age and societal groups create hazardous driving conditions across the state of Virginia. Case in point: A Fairfax County court recently gave the wife of U.S. Senator Richard Lugar of Indiana a 30-day suspended sentence after she apparently pleaded guilty to DUI, according to

Police arrested Mrs. Lugar on November 18, 2009, after she allegedly crashing into a parked car and left the scene in northern Virginia near where the couple lives.  Fortunately there were no injuries. Authorities later dropped all charges arising from the car accident other than driving under the influence.

In addition to the suspended sentence, the judge ordered Mrs. Lugar, 77, to pay a mandatory minimum $250 fine and imposed certain driving restrictions for next 12 months.  She will also attend a local alcohol education program. In Virginia, a first offense could have also resulted in a one-year license revocation.

Mrs. Lugar evidently registered a 0.11 blood alcohol content (BAC) after the accident which exceeded the legal limit of 0.08 in Virginia.

Under Virginia law, a BAC from 0.15 to 0.20 carries a mandatory, minimum five-day jail term in addition to all other penalties.


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