A subcommittee in the Virginia House of Delegates has voted down a measure that would have made failing to buckle up a primary offense. That means that there likely will be no action on this proposal for this legislative session.

As we reported previously, not using your seat belt is considered a secondary offense under current Virginia law. You can only be cited if you are pulled over by the police for another infraction.

WTOP.com explains:

Currently, Virginia law states that “occupants of front seats who are 16 years or older are required to use safety lap belts and shoulder harnesses.” However, breaking that law is a secondary offense: Police may cite you for a seat-belt violation only if they see you committing another offense, such as speeding or running a red light.

The same subcommittee also defeated a bill that would  make talking on a cell phone a primary offense if you are driving with a provisional license. However, the panel approved a proposal that would require anyone under age 18 to wear a seat belt in the back seat of a car. Currently, only those 16 or younger in the back seat must wear seat belts.


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