Fulfilling one of Gov. Bob McDonnell’s campaign promises, both chambers of the Virginia legislature approved bills raising maximum the speed limit on interstates to 70 mph. While both bills are identical, each bill must still be voted on by the other house prior to being sent to the governor’s desk for his signature.

In a statement, Gov. McDonnell praised the bipartisan legislation:

As today’s votes in both chambers demonstrate, there is broad bipartisan support for this common-sense idea. 32 states already have 70mph speed limits, and 13 allow motorists to drive 75mph. This slight increase in our speed limit will be safe for motorists and help get Virginians to their destinations a little quicker each day. This is an important early step towards our common goal of improving transportation in the Commonwealth.

The measure will take effect on July 1, and it will then be up to state transportation officials to work out the details as to which roads it will apply to.

Separately, the Virginia House is considering a repeal of the nearly 50-year-old ban on radar detectors in the state.  Advocates  of the legislation claim that radar detectors actually serve to slow drivers down when passing through the state, and that the ban has outlived its usefulness. Opponents disagree for safety reasons, and the state police, the Virginia Sheriffs’ Association, and the insurance industry have all come out against it. Virginia is the only state in the union that currently prohibits radar detectors.

It remains to seen as to what degree these legislative initiatives will affect safety on Virginia roads. When it comes to harm suffered in Virginia car collisions, however, the Law Offices of Richard J. Serpe, P.C. continues to stand ready to represent victims of serious personal injury. If you have been involved in a Virginia car accident, contact the firm for a no-obligation consultation, Toll Free 877-544-5323.


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