Chinese drywall report have begun surfacing in Canada.  New homeowners in British Columbia also worry about about the health problems associated with toxic Chinese drywall that have been a problem in the US.  REsidents that have found toxic drywall in their homes have already joined the mass of calls to the U.S. Consumer group, America’s Watchdog.  Thomas Martin, the president of America’s Watchdog says that over the past few weeks his organization has been flooded with calls from Canadian homeowners regarding Chinese drywall.

Reports of nose-bleeds, allergy symptoms, and respiratory problems are similar to those made here in the U.S.  Martin has also reported calls from Canadians whom have bought houses in the U.S. when exchange rates were in their favor.  “It’s scary, it’s a nightmare.” Says Martin, “We think we’re looking at the worst case of sick houses in U.S. history.  I’d liken it to the problems you find in a meth house (where an illegal lab has been operating).  If you have any experience with a meth house, you know it will have to be bulldozed.  Like in a meth house, the emissions permeate everything, the two-by-fours, the trusses, the fabric in your furniture, your clothes.”

Between 2001 and 2007 at least 929,000 sqaure feet of toxic drywall came into Canada through Vancouver.  Martin reports that chemicals in the drywall may be so toxic that only three boards can contaminate an entire home.  Homeowners who suspect toxic drywall are urged by Martin to sample several areas throughout the home as it is likely several sources of drywall have been used during construction.


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