A new Comfort Inn & Suites hotel near South Military Highway and North George Washington Highway in Chesapeake was caught using defective Chinese drywall during its construction.

The hotel’s developer, Dilip Patel, was issued with a criminal summons because he violated state building codes.  He was due in court June 24, 2009, unless he removed the defective drywall and has testing evidence to prove it has been replaced with legal materials.   

City officials say that this is the first local instance of defective drywall used in the construction of a commercial project.  They discovered the use of Chinese drywall during a routine inspection on March 26, 2009.

Mr. Patel says that he will test the drywall and if it is defective, it will be replaced. 

Norfolk and Virginia Beach officials have voted to make the use of Chinese-made drywall in construction or renovation illegal in any building.


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