Approximately 30,000 newly built houses in Florida are said to contain toxic drywall. Toxic drywall emits sulfur that is corrosive to nearby metals. Houses that were built with this toxic drywall are said to give off a strong sulfur or “rotten egg” smell.

Exposure to toxic drywall destroys carpet, linens, clothes, furniture, and appliances. The sulfur gasses emitted from toxic drywall is also responsible for copper corrosion in electrical wiring/plumbing and corrosion of air-conditioning units/ducting. The sulfur gasses seep into other building materials rendering them useless. More alarming are reports of people suffering from allergies to the high levels of sulfur in the home. Toxic drywall is more likely to be a discovered in warm humid climates such as Florida. Some more serious cases reported chronic headaches, bloody-noses, and respiratory problems.

Toxic drywall made its way into American homes during a shortage of building materials between 2004 and 2007, during this time American developers looking overseas for building materials. The shortage was caused by an explosion in the construction industry combined with a rise in demand for drywall to replace damaged caused by successive hurricanes.

Several suits have been filed in Florida against builders responsible for installing tainted drywall.


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