May 28, 2009

According to more and more homeowners in the Hampton Roads area are finding Chinese-made drywall in their homes.

Bill Morgan began passing out flyers to other residents of his Wellington Estates neighborhood saying, “We just need to let our neighbors know.  There’s a lot of families out here with young children.”

Yesterday WVEC interviewed Bill Morgan, a Wellington Estates homeowner, in Williamsburg, Virginia who says that his wife was concerned about Chinese-made drywall in their home, but he didn’t think much of it.

Finally Mr. Morgan decided to check his attic and says, “that’s when I found the drywall had the Venture Supply label on it, and also stamped Taihe, China.”

Venture Supply of Norfolk, Virginia imported thousands of sheets of drywall in 2006.  Venture Supply was also named as a defendant in a Virginia drywall lawsuit filed on May 1, 2009.

Bill Morgan said that he had no idea that their home contained the controversial drywall, and was never notified of the possibility.  He had to contact the builder of Wellington Estates, American Eastern, before he was told about the drywall in his home.  Floyd Gibbs, a home inspector has also discovered Chinese-made drywall in two other Wellington Estate homes.


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