A retired Newport News police officer is one of many Virginians living the nightmare of Chinese drywall. He and his family moved into — and then out of — their dream home in the Wellington subdivision of James City because of drywall issues.

The officer, a cancer survivor, and his family, including a daughter who also survived cancer, now live in a trailer.

According to a published report in the Virginia Gazette, his house was confirmed as containing drywall that releases corrosive sulfur gas. In addition, corrosion has wiped out many electric devices in the home, and turned  his wife’s jewelry black.

For the time being, the family must come up with both mortgage and rental payments every month. Renovations to strip out and replace the defective drywall are estimated to be in the range of $150,000.

“We can’t sell it, and we can’t fix it,” the officer said.

Similarly, the Wall Street Journal provides an account of a Virginia Beach family that for health reasons moved out of their waterfront home built in 2006 and into a trailer on the recommendation of their pediatrician.

According to the Journal, there are about 100,000 homes in the U.S., built primarily in 2006 and 2007, that “may be affected, based on the 500 million pounds of Chinese drywall—also known as plasterboard or gypsum board—believed to have entered the U.S. during that period.”

Most of the imported drywall problems center on Florida, Louisiana, and Virginia.

The Journal adds that “Experts estimate it costs about $100,000 to pull out bad drywall and replace corroded electrical wiring and appliances in an average-sized home, and the problem is shaping up as a costly disaster for homeowners and the battered housing industry.” In one initiative, Virginia senators Webb and Warner have petitioned the SBA for federal disaster aid for drywall victims.

Virginia Beach and Norfolk recently banned builders from using Chinese drywall in construction.

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