During the housing boom, construction companies were looking for ways to save money and continue forward with building new homes, apartment buildings, etc. This led to millions of pounds of Chinese drywall being used in dwellings all over the United States. While this may not seem like a big deal, if you know anything about Chinese drywall you are aware that it can pose many risks to those who live in these properties.

What are the potential problems with Chinese drywall? Just a few of them include: health problems, the ability to blacken jewelry and silver, and the ability to corrode copper piping.

A recent story by Fox News reports: Shipping records reviewed by The Associated Press indicate that imports of potentially tainted Chinese building materials exceeded 500 million pounds during a four-year period of soaring home prices. The drywall may have been used in more than 100,000 homes, according to some estimates, including houses rebuilt after Hurricane Katrina in 2005.

To go along with all the potential problems listed above, Chinese drywall can also begin to smell when heat and humidity rises. As you can imagine, this makes living in a home with Chinese drywall quite difficult.

Many homeowners have already sued their builder for damages caused by Chinese drywall. They claim that their home is uninhabitable and dangerous to live in. To go along with homeowners, many builders have filed suit against the manufactures and suppliers of this low quality, flawed product.

As more and more people realize that their home was built with Chinese drywall, it is safe to say that the number of related lawsuits is going to increase.

If your home contains Chinese drywall you need to know your legal rights. Do not hesitate to contact the lawyers at The Law Offices of Richard J. Serpe, P.C. for a free Virginia Chinese drywall consultation.


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