Complaints about toxic Chinese drywall have exploded for months.  Most complaints are concentrated in the south of Florida.  Homeowners have complained of new homes smelling like rotten eggs (sulfur gases) so strong they were forced to leave.

It has been determined that this drywall is responsible for corrosive damage of electrical wiring, plumbing, air conditioning machinery/ducting, appliances, furniture, jewelry, and many other parts of the home.

Reports of health problems ranging from allergy symptoms and bloody noses to respiratory problems have also been made.  Florida Health Department’s toxicologist has visited homes that were built using tainted drywall to investigate whether or not it poses a health risk to families exposed to it in their homes.  These tests will also determine if the sulfur gases emitted from the drywall are in fact responsible for the corrosion of various components of the home.

Lennar Homes, who has acknowledged using the tainted Chinese drywall, has released the results of a series of their own series of tests conducted by Environ International.  The results of an air test concluded that carbon disulfide, carbonyl sulfide, and dimethyl sulfide were present.  However, the highly toxic compound hydrogen sulfide, was not found in the air but was found in the drywall itself.  Lennar Homes reports that levels of gases found in the houses were below what would be considered a health risk, but the reality of this statement will come from the Florida Department of Health when results are final.


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