Dream Homes Becoming Chinese Drywall Nightmares


The Chinese drywall housing crisis is spreading across this country. Tens of thousands of homeowners are suffering from contamination in their homes causing health problems and plunging property values. Defective Chinese drywall wrecks electrical systems, air conditioning systems, and exposed metal throughout your home. The sulfur contamination causes a terrible odor that will not go away, and creates a corrosive atmosphere that requires immediate attention. The members of our legal team are fighting for our clients across the country, including the battleground states of Florida and Virginia. Hidden legal deadlines in the construction or closing documents are shutting off many victims from making any recovery for this catastrophe. Don’t let your dream home become a permanent nightmare: contact us for immediate legal assistance.

Evidence of Chinese Drywall in Your Home: 

  • Frequent replacement of A/C system or refrigerator components (such as air coils). DANGER: If you have experienced loss of “Freon” or refrigerant from your A/C system, it may have leaked into your home from sulfur-eaten pinholes in your equipment.

  • Piping that has turned black and/or needs replacing

  • Silver jewelry turning black

  • Electrical problems

  • Respiratory problems       

  • ALERT: Chinese Drywall In Your Home Causes Serious Illness

    The Chinese made drywall is known to produce foul smelling-odors (resembling rotten eggs), which may be caused by hydrogen sulfide or other sulfide gases being emitted from the defective Chinese drywall. Air quality tests have been administered in several homes built in South Florida, and results have found three different sulfide gases in the air: carbon disulfide, carbonyl sulfide, and dimethyl sulfide.

    Hydrogen sulfide, the compound that causes the rotten egg smell, was not found in the air quality reports. However, tests administered directly from the Chinese drywall material itself, by Environ Corp, an air quality management organization, revealed that hydrogen sulfide was indeed present. Knauf Tianjin, a subsidiary of German drywall manufacturer Knauf which has had reports of problems with its product, reported that tests administered on the drywall in 2006 also found hydrogen sulfide.


    • eye irritations

    • respiratory difficulties

    • nose bleeds

    • headaches

    • dizziness

    These symptoms will not go away until the drywall is removed from the home or until you permanently leave the home. We can help you put an end to these symptoms and keep you in your home.

     We are also very concerned about the potential medical effects of exposure to refrigerant and Freon from leaks in A/C systems.

    Property Values Plunging Deeper

     Homeowners across the country are worried about declining home value from the housing crisis. Homeowners with defective Chinese drywall have twice as much to worry about! Realtors across the country are lining up to make homeowners disclose on a mandatory basis any history of Chinese drywall contamination. The Chinese drywall lawyers on our legal team are fighting for our clients to protect them from this catastrophe.

    Check Your Home for Defective Chinese Drywall

    If your home has a sulfur, or rotten egg smell, get started immediately investigating for defective drywall. This smell has also been explained as being similar to the smell of a match that has been struck and blown out. If you have the smell, you should be worried. There are steps that you can take to investigate your own home for contaminated drywall. Download our five step guide, and watch our video.

    If you believe your home has defective drywall, our team of scientific experts is ready to come out and get absolute scientific proof.

     Getting immediate scientific proof of your Chinese drywall contamination is crucial. Many builders are ignoring complaints, and minimizing the risk to homeowners. A thorough investigation will show that Chinese drywall is destroying electrical, HVAC, and metal surfaces throughout your home. Contact us today for expert investigation of your home.

    Who are the Culprits?

    The defective drywall – also known as wallboard, gypsum board or plasterboard – arrived at about 2 dozen ports around the country with 7 of them in Florida, but including New York, Texas, New Orleans and California. During the housing boom after Hurricane Katrina, among other storms, from 2004 through 2006, the strain on the supply of domestic drywall required many builders to resort to international suppliers to fill the demand. Many imported drywall from a German-based company, Knauf, with subsidiaries in China (such as Knauf Tianjin). Reports are showing that millions of pounds of Chinese drywall entered the US during this timeframe and that is was used across the country in thousands of homes, condos, and office buildings. Most foreign manufacturers stopped shipping drywall to the US in 2007, after the building boom was over. However, it has been discovered that another manufacturer, Taian Taishan (based in Taian, China), continued to ship large quantities of drywall to New York and Port Everglades into the summer of 2007. It appears that at least 550 million pounds of Chinese drywall have arrived at US ports since 2006. That is enough to construct about 60,000 average-size homes.

    Lennar Corp. of Miami, one of the first builders to investigate claims of defective drywall, acknowledged that gases emitted from some Chinese drywall cause corrosion of metal coils and wiring and other items with metal components within the homes built using the defective drywall. Lennar has begun making repairs to some of the roughly 80 homes they have identified as affected.

    Sarasota, Florida health inspectors were the first government entity in Florida to look into the matter from a health standpoint. David Krause, toxicologist for the Florida Health Department, has said the drywall can release sulfur dioxide and hydrogen sulfide (a highly toxic gas). However, at this time, there are no definitive answers if the level of sulfurous gases is enough to endanger human health. But, many people have reported respiratory ailments, eye irritations, and headaches that seem to clear up once they have left the affected buildings. Some families have moved from their affected homes and found that their health problems have improved. Health officials in Florida, where the majority of the investigations have taken place to date, report more than 50 health related complaints in recent months.



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    Our lawyers understand the need to conduct immediate legal investigation which includes:

    * An Immediate Investigation to determine if you have drywall contamination
    * Determining the extent of contamination and destruction in your home
    * Determining who is responsible for the damage
    * Reviewing your home ownership documents to look for hidden deadlines
    * Giving you the answers to the tough legal questions you are facing right now
    * Reviewing your insurance policies for possible insurance claims
    * Choosing the best place to file your lawsuit or claim
    * Getting a recovery that can get your damaged home made whole again

     We understand that homeowners are faced with very tough economic problems. Our legal team works on a contingency fee basis. Unless we make a recovery for you, you will not owe us any attorney’s fees. Call us today Toll Free 1-866-573-6691 for a free legal consultation, and learn more about how an experienced lawyer can help you face this crisis.

    If you suspect there may be Chinese drywall in your home, call the Chinese Drywall Legal Consortium right away.

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