In its latest progress report into the ongoing investigation of imported drywall, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) says it has received 608 incident reports related to Chinese drywall from 21 states, plus D.C. The majority of the complaints come from Florida, Virginia, and Louisiana.

To date, CPSC staff has confirmed that about 5-1/2 million sheets of Chinese drywall were imported into the U.S. during 2006.

The CPSC is taking a lead role in the investigation of health hazards from Chinese drywall, assisted by the EPA and the Centers for Disease Control. The ongoing investigation includes among other things import investigations, field measurements in affected homes, chamber studies to assess possible health risks (to homeowners and workers) and corrosion to electrical, gas, and fire-safety systems, and laboratory studies of gypsum, a substance found in Chinese drywall.

According to the report, the LuNeng mine in China’s ShanDong province was apparently the primary source of gypsum for imported drywall through 2006. The CPSC has asked its counterpart agency in China for a list of all drywall producers that have used the LuNeng Mine. CPSC staff also are seeking the go-ahead from the Chinese government to conduct a fact-finding tour of the mines in the region.

Separately, CPSC Chair Inez Tenenbaum says her agency has contracted with two private laboratories to perform tests on Chinese drywall to get to the bottom of the linkage between drywall and health/corrosion problems. The commission expects to have test results sometime in September.

Tenenbaum also said the CPSC plans to open its first overseas office in China. Based at the U.S. Embassy, the office would help inform Chinese officials about product standards.

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