Virginia Beach-based homebuilders Dragas Management Corp. have been named in numerous Chinese drywall complaints.  Owners of Dragas-built homes in The Hampshires at Greenbrier in Chesapeake and Cromwell Park in Virginia Beach have reported a rotten-egg odor and significant corrosion of metal in their homes.  Dragas responded to the complaints by agreeing to inspect nearly every home it built in the two neighborhoods; after some inspection the company released a statement claiming that the drywall it installed in those homes “appears to emit elevated levels of sulfur compounds that may corrode air conditioning coils, any may damage other mechanical and electrical systems over time.”  The company also stated that the wallboard in question was imported in 2006 and that Dragas Management had no knowledge of its defects.  Furthermore, the builder is now offering to repair the homes in order to circumvent seemingly imminent litigation.  The saga of Dragas Management is closely tied to now-defunct materials distributor Venture Supply Inc., the alleged supplier of defective drywall to Dragas; Venture closed its doors on June 30 due to widespread allegations of distributing Chinese drywall, and has recently been named in Proto v. Venture Supply Inc., the first Chinese drywall suit to make it to court in Virginia. The Dragas controversy is the latest development in Southeastern Virginia’s growing Chinese drywall dilemma.


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