“In ways still to be determined, hydrogen sulfide gas is being created in homes built with Chinese drywall,” a CPSC statement regarding Chinese drywall said. “Earlier studies found large amounts of elemental sulfur in the Chinese drywall.”
The CPSC acknowledges Chinese drywall, rotten egg-smelling hydrogen sulfide gas, and the corrosion of metal/wiring in U.S. homes having a “strong association”.  No official studies have been released with regards to the claims of nose bleeds, bronchitis, dizziness, headaches, fatigue, and irritated eyes as a direct result of exposure to the tainted drywall.
“We’re still working towards that specific nexus between the health effects reported to us and the drywall itself,” says Wolfson. “That’s a commitment we certainly have to these affected families. We’ve been in those homes. We’ve felt it. I felt it, the chairman of CPSC has felt it.”
However some feel the CPSC should spend more to fix the problem at hand and less “testing”.  Construction Consultant Michael Foreman says the CPSC is “putting all [its] eggs into one basket”.
“They [CPSC] did extensive analysis,” Foreman says. “But they’re still overlooking the biological or the organic aspect of it, and concentrating on the mineral reaction of it. And I’m not 100 percent sure that’s going to be as fruitful as they all seem to think.”


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