Reports of toxic Chinese drywall have spread from a few homes in Florida to hundreds more in several other states throughout the country.  Growing worries and complaints have driven homeowners to file lawsuits and seek aid from lawmakers.  Some homeowners have left their homes for fear of becoming sick.

Thus far, two United States Senators have proposed to ban particular Chinese drywall imports.  Unfortunately, the actual health risks of toxic Chinese drywall are still largely unknown. Homeowners continue to blame the drywall for headaches, bloodynoses, and other allergy symptoms while the Florida Health Department’s investigation concluded that the gasses emitted from the “toxic” drywall posed no health risk.

Morton Lippmann, a professor of environmental medicine at New York University, has reviewed the findings of recent tests performed by the Florida Health Departments on Chinese drywall.  Mr. Lippmann is not involved in any lawsuits filed against manufacturers, Mr. Lippmann says, “It seems more likely that it’s a nasty odor problem, as opposed to something acutely toxic.”

However, toxicologist Nachman Brautbar, a clinical professor at the University of Southern California School of Medicine has also reviewed the same findings and says that, “Sulfur compound gases, even at low levels, have been found to cause respiratory problems, this clearly needs more study.”


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