Florida Attorney General Bill McCollum has advised his constituents to beware of scamming operations borne from the current Chinese drywall hysteria pervading the Southeast.  McCollum has received numerous reports of scams offering phony tests to determine the presence of Chinese drywall and false remedies for the damages caused by it.  Some of these supposed “cures” for defective drywall–such as ozone generators and spray-on products–have actually been shown to accelerate the damaging effects of defective drywall; yet con artists have been successful in marketing such products to distressed homeowners throughout Florida.  Other scammers are masquerading as scientific “experts,” charging exorbitant fees for phony home inspections.  McCollum advised homeowners to be particularly wary of “experts” who soliicit their services via phone calls and door-to-door advertisement.  While it is unclear whether the wave of scamming has hit Virginia, it is certainly important that all homeowners in areas affected by Chinese drywall be aware of this fraudulent activity.


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