Two Chinese manufacturers that have been identified using the defective Chinese drywall are currently being investigated.  One of these companies, Knauf Tianjin, is a subsidiary of the German-based Knauf International GmbH.  Knauf has financial interest in USG Corp., who has a U.S. Gypsum division that makes domestic “sheetrock”.  L&W supply, also owned by USG, one of the suppliers responsible for distributing Chinese drywall throughout Florida.

The second company that is under investigation, Taishan Gypsum, has an even more complicated parentage.  Taishan Gypsums website claims that the company also goes by the name Shandong Taihe Dongxin Co. Ltd.  In March 2005 the Beijing New Building Materials Group Co. Ltd., also known as BNBM, acquired BNBM.  BNBM is one of the largest building materials manufacturers in China and is also owned by the Chinese Government.

The Beijing New Building Materials Group’s webpage states that it is “one of the most important and integrated” parts of the China National Building Materials Group Co.  The China National Building Materials Group Co., or CNBM, is a “state-owned enterprise in charge of administrative affairs in building material industry.”

This poses a problem when confronted with the task of deciding whom to go after.  Sen. Nelson encourages Pres. Obama to directly confront the Chinese Government about the problem, Nelson commented, “You know, it might actually turn out to be easier to go after such a company, because we could deal with them government to government, but we’ll see.”


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