United States Senator Bill Nelson made his first public visit to homes affected by toxic Chinese drywall on Monday April 6 2009. Nelson visited the homes affected in the Coral Lakes neighborhood in Cape Coral, Georgia.
Sen. Nelson feels that the Consumer Product Safety Commission has not dealt with the situation with the sense of urgency it deserves.

Here’s what Nelson had to say about Chairwoman Nancy Nord of the Consumer Product Safety Commission, “The administration [Obama Whitehouse] will have to replace her.”  Spokesman for the commission, Joe Martyak, accuses Nelson of being too quick to demand a recall, “The consumer is best protected by a thorough investigation of the facts and then appropriate solutions.  It’s premature in the decision process to call for a recall before you have the facts.”  Martyak says that Nord intends serve her full term.

On his visit Nelson called for stronger action to be taken by the Consumer Product Safety Commission.  Nelson also stated that cooperation of other government agencies is imperative in resolving the matter.

While United States agencies such as the Consumer Product Safety Commission have no regulatory authority over foreign companies, they can go after any assets inside the United States belonging to foreign companies.  “We need to start seizing those assets,” Sen. Nelson said.


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