AC Coil Damage from Chinese DrywallU.S. Senators Webb and Warner have called upon the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) to help families and businesses harmed by toxic Chinese-made drywall.

The Virginia Pilot reports that the Virginia’s two U.S. senators want the SBA to determine whether the federal agency has a role in providing relief to those whose homes were constructed by defective Chinese drywall. Ordinarily, the SBA offers loans to individuals and businesses to help repair or replace property damaged in a federally declared disaster.

The sulfuric atmosphere created by toxic drywall can bring about the corrosion of electrical systems, air conditioning systems, and exposed metal throughout your home.  It also produces a strong rotten-egg like smell that cannot be fixed until the drywall itself is removed.

“Families in our states are, in many cases, watching their dream homes turn into nightmares,” the senators said in their letter to the SBA.  “As the Federal government determines the full size and scope of this disaster, we believe it is important to marshal all appropriate Federal resources that may assist these families.”

Along with two other colleagues, Senators Webb and Warner have also contacted the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development  (HUD) to request that HUD Foreclosure Rapid Response Teams be sent in to assist in expediting mortgage relief and look into additional measures to help affected homeowners.

Previously, the Virginia lawmakers called upon the IRS to allow special tax deductions for homeowners affected by Chinese drywall. A tax deduction can give some relief to the families affected by this crisis, but many homeowners will need to have the defective drywall stripped out of their homes and replaced.

Homeowners  with Chinese drywall across the country are being faced with health problems as well as plunging property values. And Virginia appears to be one of  the states hardest hit by the Chinese drywall crisis.

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