A few weeks ago, the City Councils of Virginia Beach and Norfolk became the first two legislative bodies to pass a formal ban on Chinese drywall.  Now, the effort to ban defective wallboard is garnering support in U.S. Congress.  Senators Mary Landrieu (D-LA) and Bill Nelson (D-FL) are co-sponsoring the Drywall Safety Act of 2009, which calls for a strict ban on imported wallboard as well as a recall of Chinese drywall imported between 2004 and 2007.  The bill would put the Consumer Product Safety Commission in charge of the recall, despite widespread outrage over the agency’s initial failure to address the Chinese drywall crisis; Senator Landrieu claims, “The Consumer Product Safety Commission should have been the first line of defense in preventing this inferior product from entering the U.S. market in the first place.”  Representative Bill Wexler (D-FL) has sponsored the bill’s counterpart in the House.  While the new legislation has yet to come to a vote, it is another indicator of looming federal intervention in the Chinese drywall dilemma.


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