Obstetricians and gynecologists are now using pain pumps to ease a woman’s pain from Caesarean section deliveries and hysterectomies.  The On-Q Painbuster manufactured by the I-Flow Corporation has been most popular.  This same pump has been under scrutiny for its adverse effects on shoulder and knee arthroscopy patients.  These pumps cause chondrolysis and manufacturers are the target of numerous lawsuits.  The On-Q Painbuster uses a tiny balloon that holds local anesthetics which are fed through a thin catheter and inserted into the surgical site.  The patient is then released from the hospital with the device still implanted for two to three days.  The balloon is then discarded by the woman when appropriate.  Doctors say these pain pumps help quicken recovery after surgery.  Doctors are aware of the possibility of chrondrolysis when the pain pump is used in shoulder and knee joints, but there is no record of adverse effects when the pump is used after C-sections and hysterectomies. 


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