There are an estimated 140 lawsuits against pain pump manufacturers like the I-Flow Corporation.  Since the release of evidence that connects pain pumps to chondrolysis, the number of lawsuits has increased drastically.  Pain pumps are used in conjunction with post-operative shoulder and knee arthroscopy.  The pain pump is attached by a catheter and implanted into the surgical site, where it administers the medication.  The Food and Drug Administration approved pain pump manufacturers to insert the catheter into the tissue, but in 2000 manufacturers sought to have the catheter inserted into the shoulder joint.  The FDA disapproved of this because safety cautions had never been proven.  Despite lawsuits against companies such as the I-Flow Corporation, their quarterly financial reports show no sharp decline.  The company announced that total revenue for the first quarter of 2009 has increased by 9%, approximately $2.5 million.  I-Flow is, however, bracing for potentially substantial losses depending on the outcome of the impending litigation.   


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