Postarthroscopic Glenohumeral Chondrolysis (PAGCL) is an extremely painful condition in which the cartilage of the shoulder joint deteriorates.  Patients who undergo shoulder arthroscopy often use a medication pump to deal with post-surgical pain.  The pain injects medication into the surgical site via a catheter.  For many years, pain pumps have been inserted directly into the shoulder joint—an application that has turned out to be extremely dangerous. A recent study by the American Journal of Sports Medicine linked pain pumps with PAGCL.  The high levels of anesthetics in the pumps’ medication may also be to blame for the debilitating condition.  Shoulder arthroscopy is proclaimed to be less risky than open surgery, but complications with pain pumps have brought that theory into question.  PAGCL often  requires further surgeries.  Some of its symptoms include decreased range of motion, stiffness, loss of strength, and bone-and bone grinding when the shoulder is in motion.


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