The use of post-operative pain pumps have been widely used in the rehabilitation of patients undergoing a shoulder arthroscopy.  These same pain pumps have been discouraged from use in knee operations.  Pain pumps have come under considerable scrutiny lately because they have been linked to a condition called chondrolysis–a painfully debilitating condition where cartilage deteriorates and the bones grind.   Pain pumps were directed by the Food and Drug Administration to be placed in the muscle tissue around the joint instead of directly into the joint as directed by manufacturers.  Manufacturers insisted on promoting their product despite disapproval by the Food and Drug Administration.  Negligence lawsuits against pump manufacturers are appearing throughout the nation.  Many individuals who have undergone surgery to correct minor injuries are now facing a lifetime of knee and shoulder operations, and more than likely a complete replacement. Anesthetic manufacturers are also coming under fire because it is believed they assist in the deterioration of cartilage.


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