Postarthroscopic Glenohumeral Chondrolysis is a condition that occurs in the shoulder when cartilage deteriorates and bones grind together.  There are many likely causes for PAGCL, one of which is the usage of shoulder pain pumps.  The pumps are often used following arthroscopic surgery and inject pain anesthetics into the shoulder.  The American Journal of Sports Medicine and Dr. Charles Beck conducted studies that proved a significant connection with intra-articular (directly in the shoulder joint) use of pain pumps and the deterioration of cartilage in the shoulder.  “Approximately 63% of patients that use pain pumps after surgery develop PAGCL,” said Beck, an orthopedic surgeon.  There is no cure for PAGCL.  Individuals who suffer from PAGCL often require numerous additional surgeries and ultimately a partial or complete shoulder replacement. While the Food and Drug Administration approved the pumps for insertion into the tissue, it refused to clear the devices for direct application in the shoulder joint.  The manufacturers ignored the FDA’s warnings and promoted direct application anyway—now they are subject to innumerable negligence lawsuits. 


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