The Pilot Online reported today on an event that took place across the globe, but has local connections to Norfolk.  A Navy plane went down in the Arabian Sea, due to mechanical problems.  These problems led the pilot to notify air traffic controllers in the Arabian Sea, upon an aircraft carrier, that a crash landing was imminent; this occurred after a mission in Afghanistan.

A Navy plane, based out of Norfolk Virginia, crash-landed in the Arabian Sea.  At a point five hours following the accident, one more member of that plane is still being pursued by rescue crews.

The plane was a type used by the Navy for command, control, and surveillance purposes.  At the time of the accident, apparently the plane was on its way to the Dwight D. Eisenhower aircraft carrier returning from service.  The plane is specifically referred to as an E-2C Hawkeye, known for its high-tech radar device what looks like a “saucer.”  It has been in service since the 1970’s, but considered a safe model.

The Virginia Pilot also reported that a Navy Spokesman stated that the plane did in fact notify the controllers on the Eisenhower carrier that due to mechanical issues, a bail-out was necessary.  The plane then landed in the water, approximately five miles from the carrier.  As noted, three of the four have been rescued safely and are in good condition.

Crew members and rescuers continue to look for the fourth crew-member who may be still in peril.  The search underway includes several Navy ships to assist with the rescue mission.  Other aircraft are also involved in efforts to bring this service-member to safety.


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