Chinese drywall is a devastating problem homeowners across the country are being forced to handle in this tough economic period. If your home is infested with toxic Chinese drywall, it is critical to get highly qualified representation to start an immediate investigation, so that you can make a recovery for your damaged home.  Don’t let your dream home become a permanent nightmare.

Chinese Drywall Signs & Symptoms
Frequent replacement of air conditioning systems or refrigerator components (such as air coils) may be a sign that your home is contaminated. DANGER: If you have experienced loss of “freon” or refrigerant from your a/c system, it may have leaked into your home from sulfur eaten pinholes in your equipment.

  • a strong smell of sulfur / “rotten egg-like” odor
  • frequent failure of electronics and appliances
  • frequent failure of electrical and piping systems, such as air conditioning units (coils)
  • Although not proven to be directly linked to defectice drywall, common health symptoms that were reported include:
    • nose bleeds
    • respiratory problems
    • headaches
    • sinus problems


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