The Virginia House of Delegates is giving consideration to legislation that would expand the state’s motor vehicle “move over” law. Under current law, motorists must move left into another lane of a multiple-lane highway–if it can be done safely–when approaching a police, fire, or rescue vehicle on the side of the road with flashing lights.

The Virginia DMV Driver’s Manual provides as follows:

When approaching a stopped emergency vehicle on a four
lane highway, you must change to a lane not next to the
emergency vehicle, if you can change lanes safely. If changing
lanes is too hard or unsafe, reduce your speed and proceed
with caution. Violations can result in court suspension of your
driver’s license and demerit points on your driving record.

Under the amended law, drivers would have to do the same when approaching tow trucks and highway maintenance or construction vehicles with flashing amber lights.

Separately, to reduce traffic congestion, both chambers have given their approval to a measure that would let active duty military use HOV lanes to and from the bases, regardless of how many passengers, if any, are riding in their vehicles. Virginia Beach delegate Chris Stolle introduced the original bill.

And as we reported in a previous blog entry, legislation that would increase Virginia’s speed limit to 70 MPH on some roads is on its way to Governor McDonnell’s desk.


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