Early this morning, an unfortunate blaze sank three boats and damaged multiple others reported The Virginia Pilot, via hamptonroads.com.

The fire occurred at Vinings Landing Marina, which is on the popular road – Shore Drive.  The season is beginning to turn into “tourist time,” and so incidents like these are heavily reported upon during the Summer and Spring months.  Shore drive contains numerous restaurants and other heavily visited attractions.

The fire was reported around 1 a.m., according to Norfolk Fire-Rescue spokesman, Battalion Chief Harry Worley.  According to Mr. Worley, not only were boats damaged; the dock surrounding the boats sustained damage as well.

Fortunately, the fire was contained by Norfolk firefighters with the assistance of Virginia Beach authorities and the Coast Guard.  According to the Pilot, by 2:50 am the fire was put out in its entirety.

Mr. Worley has indicated that the boats will be examined once extracted from the water.  As noted, three boats sank, and thus, it may take some time before any investigation returns results or updates to this story.  It is believed that the fire started on one of the boats that is now at the bottom of the marina.  As a result, the source of the fire – the primary element of the investigation/examination – will require some time and diligence.

Regarding potential environmental issues – the Coast Guard and firefighters at the scene reportedly were able to control the dissemination of pollutants, such as fuel leakage in the water, by implementing “special absorbent pads.”

If any noteworthy or newsworthy developments ensue, check back with our blog frequently and you will be provided with the most current updates.

Below, is a map courtesy of Google Maps, which shows the exact location of the fire.


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