A jury in St. Louis has awarded $358.5 million to sixteen children who suffered injuries when they were exposed to dangerous amounts of lead from a nearby smelting plant.
According to Reuters, Fluor Corporation, Alpha Natural Resources Inc., and Doe Run Investment Holding Co. would pay $320 million in punitive damages, and $38.5 million to compensate them for health issues and lost lifetime wages.
The children range from 11 to 26 years old and alleged that emissions from the Herculaneum, Missouri based smelting plant caused them injuries including ADD and lowered I.Q.s.
According to AboutLawsuits.com, the complaint alleged that the owners of the plant released lead air pollution knowing about the potential health risks.  It also says that they failed to ensure emission levels were safe and failed to alert the public about the potential risk of lead poisoning.
Fluor Corp. plans to appeal the verdict.
Over the past few decades, there have been significant measures taken to reduce the risk of poisoning through exposure to lead. Our cars are now required to run on unleaded gasoline. The use of lead-based paint is now banned. 

We have limited our exposure to lead for a good reason: lead is a toxic substance that can adversely affect brain development in children, damage the nervous system or kidneys, or even result in death.

We now know that children suffer from permanent brain damage with even extremely small amounts of lead in their blood. The American Academy of Pediatrics calls the situation unacceptable and has called for more action to eliminate this problem once and for all.  Children suffer greatly from exposure to lead. 

  • In large doses, this toxin can cause permanent physiological damage, but even in small doses, the effects can last a lifetime.
  • Brain and nerve function in young victims can severely alter a child’s ability to learn and perform.
  • Teachers reported that students with elevated tooth lead concentrations were more inattentive, hyperactive, disorganized, and less able to follow directions.
  • Additional follow-up of some of those children showed higher rates of failure to graduate from high school, reading disabilities, and greater absenteeism in the final year of high school.
  • Elevated bone lead concentrations are associated with increased attention dysfunction, aggression, and delinquency.
Over the years, Richard Serpe has gained a reputation as being a fierce advocate for the rights of those who have suffered from the careless pollution of their environments. He made history in Virginia when he received a $2,000,000 verdict, which is the largest verdict in the state for a victim of lead poisoning. He has successfully argued for his clients before state and federal courts and has dedicated his career to helping the victims of environmental poisoning receive fair and just treatment. 

If your children have suffered from lead poisoning, and you feel that your needs and concerns are not being taken seriously,  contact the Law Offices of Richard Serpe for a free legal consultation today.



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