Contrary to popular belief, lead poisoning is still a big problem in many parts of the world. It may not be as common as it was several decades ago, but it is something to be aware of nonetheless. If you have been keeping up with the news, you have probably heard that roughly 600 children in China were recently sickened by lead poisoning. No, this is not in the United States. But who is to say where this may happen next?

It is thought that families living close to the Dongling Lead and Zinc Smelting Co. were those who were affected. Out of the 731 children living in the two villages close by, approximately 80 percent tested positive for lead poisoning. Sources close to the situation have reported that lead levels in some children were as high as 506 milligrams per liter of blood. Is this a lot by Chinese standards? Most definitely. In fact, this is more than 10 times the “safe” amount in China.

Every house in the two villages that were affected will be relocated within the next one to two years. As you can imagine, staying put is not a good idea.

Almost 200 of the children will need hospital treatment, while the rest will receive treatment at home.

Lead poisoning can lead to nerve damage, memory loss, high blood pressure, and in some cases death.

It is unfortunate that something like this has to happen to show the world that lead poisoning can still be a problem.

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