Virginia State Police have told the news mediathat over Labor Day weekend, 13 persons died in 11 vehicle crashes, as compared to only seven fatalities in 2008 (Virginia’s lowest Labor Day fatality count since 2001). In 2007, 22 persons lost their lives in Labor Day crashes.

The four-day statistical counting period this year began Friday, September 4, at 12:01 a.m. and ended at midnight on Monday, September 7.

On a national basis, Labor Day is historically one of the deadliest drunk driving holiday weekends of the year.

Authorities said that motorcycles were involved in four of the eleven accidents, and that alcohol played a role in two car crashes and one motorcycle crash.

Over the long weekend, police also responded to 621 traffic crashes, stopped nearly 9,400 speeders, and issued tickets to about 2,500 reckless drivers, and arrested 90 impaired motorists.

“It is discouraging to see fatalities escalate during the Labor Day weekend, during a time when the Commonwealth is largely experiencing a drop in fatalities,” State Police Superintendent Colonel W. Steven Flaherty said. “What this says is, the need is still there to remind drivers they are taking their own lives, their passengers’ and other motorists’ lives into their own hands when they get behind the wheel. State police cannot emphasize enough the importance of putting safety first, so you or your loved one doesn’t become the next statistic on Virginia’s roads.”

As part of its public safety operation during the weekend, state troopers implemented Operation C.A.R.E (Combined Accident Reduction Effort), a state-sponsored, national program designed to reduce crashes, fatalities, and injuries caused by speeding, impaired driving, and failure to use occupant restraints, particularly during the national holidays.

The police also participated in the Checkpoint Strikeforce. campaign, an initiative that combines enforcement and education efforts to raise public awareness of drunk driving.

Unfortunately, accidents on Virginia roads brought about by reckless, distracted, or impaired operators cause serious injuries and death every day across the state, not just during holidays.

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