Day after day, more lawsuits over Toyota gas pedal problems are being brought to the forefront. This has led to lawyers all over the country getting together to talk about which steps to take next. On Wednesday, more than 150 lawyers gathered in San Diego to take part in the “Toyota Recall Litigation Conference.”

Today, a hearing before a panel of judges will take place to decide whether or not combining the more than 100 lawsuits is a good idea.

All of the lawsuits brought against Toyota could end up costing the company billions of dollars when all is said and done.

Mark Geragos, the well known Los Angeles lawyer, had this to say: “This is probably the greatest opportunity to change, or at least expose, corporate malfeasance that I’ve seen in my lifetime.”

By next week it should be clearer as to which direction all of these lawsuits are headed. Stay tuned for more information – there is plenty to come!


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