It was a joyous day for Matthew McCabe – he was found not guilty of abusing a suspected terrorist by a seven-member military jury.  Read the Virginian Pilot article here.

Mr. McCabe is a Virginia-based Navy SEAL and was accused of “punching” an Iraqi man in custody, who was thought to be a terrorist.  This alleged terrorist being far from just a run-of-the-mill bomber…this man, Ahmed Hashim Abed, was the suspected mastermind of a strike in Fallujah that previously killed numerous Blackwater contractors, also of whom were fighting terrorists.  Two other Navy SEALS were cleared in addition to McCabe; McCabe however, was the last to be cleared.

As the Virginian-Pilot noted, the prosecution of this case drew widespread criticism.  Perhaps this criticism is a result of an uncomfortable notion shared by many in the community that is the home of so many men and women who server our country with dignity – a notion that prompts one to think of the idea of a man or woman, one who serves their country with pride, facing highly publicized prosecutorial inquires.

Undoubtedly American service men and women bear a duty to represent and conduct themselves with ideals of justice and dignity.  Where to draw prosecutorial lines is for the military to decide, and it is not up to this author to speculate whether any over-zealously occurred here.

As the Virginian Pilot noted, Defense attorney for McCabe stated, “for McCabe to be guilty, everyone who testified in the case – with the exception of Abed and the Navy Master-at-arms who was guarding him- would have to be lying…They’re professionals”


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