The Daily Press reported today that in the Hampton’s Cannonball Circle development, some homeowners are saying that the developer and warranty company should be responsible for water damage sustained by their homes.

One couple is reportedly alleging that their town home leaked water ever since they purchased it.  The couple filed a lawsuit for $200,000, and say that the water leakage was a problem for the entire three years they have spent in the home.

Hampton Circuit Court was where this couple filed the complaint.  In the complaint: the couple alleges that they were sold a “2-10 Home Buyers Warranty.” – that warranted the house to be free (for one year) of defects in workmanship, and that materials would be free from defects (for 10 years).  According to the couple, however, the house was leaking water during the very first week they moved in.

According to the complaint, as reported by the Daily Press, an agent of the defendant responded during the first week the couple complained of the leakage – but that did not stop the water from coming in the home during rainfall.

The situation worsened: it got to the point where the couple found a hump in the second floor system as well as cracks in concrete and holes in bricks.

The Daily Report excerpted a portion of the complaint: “[The Defendant] has failed to repair the property so as to bring the property in compliance with the Virginia Statewide Building Code. It will cost in excess of $200,000 to remedy the inadequate workmanship of Pace and the damages which resulted to the property.”


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