• Chinese Drywall Signs & Symptoms

    Chinese Drywall Signs & Symptoms

    Chinese drywall is a devastating problem homeowners across the country are being forced to handle in this tough economic period. If your home is infested with toxic Chinese drywall, it is critical to get highly qualified representation to start an immediate investigation, so that you can make a recovery for your damaged home. Don’t let your dream home become a permanent nightmare.

  • Lead Exposure – Symptoms, Treatment, and Advice for your Family

    Lead Exposure – Symptoms, Treatment, and Advice for your Family

    If you suspect that you or somebody in your family – a child, perhaps – has been exposed to lead, you may be wondering what to do now. What are the symptoms? Are there tests you can do yourself? What tests can your doctor or pediatrician run for you? What is the treatment for lead exposure? Are there any long-term health effects? The Law Office of Richard J. Serpe has put together this helpful summary of facts for anybody who is worried about lead exposure.

  • Seizures – A Serious Symptom of Brain Damage

    While there may be numerous indications of brain damage in patients who have sustained a traumatic brain injury, the manifestation of seizures after an accident in a person who has not previously experienced such a condition is a sign of brain damage. Given the debilitating nature of epilepsy, much research is currently being conducted to produce better and more efficient drugs.

  • When to Seek Medical Attention – Head & Brain Injuries

    Depending upon the severity of the injury, patients will often need ongoing medical treatment that potentially will not be covered by health insurance. After an accident, the most important thing is to seek immediate medical treatment if you believe yourself or a loved one has been injured.

  • Brain Injuries and Upcoming Health Reform

    Brain Injuries and Upcoming Health Reform

    Traumatic brain injuries (TBI’s) affect over 1.4 million Americans each year, while over 3.17 million people in the U.S. are permanently disabled as a result of a TBI. Monetarily, this equates to $60 billion annually, a strain on our society underpinned by erratic medical care and lost wages.

  • Federal Agencies Commit to Researching Traumatic Brain Injuries in Children and Adults

    Victims of traumatic brain injuries often exhibit symptoms varying in degree, thus requiring the utmost attention and scrutiny. It logically follows then, that research into this tricky field of medicine and health care be focused and well-funded.

  • Motor Vehicle Accidents – The 2nd Leading Cause of Traumatic Brain Injuries in the United States

    Recent statistics have shown that automobile accidents account for approximately 280,000 cases of traumatic brain injuries per year in the United States, thus making it the second leading cause of traumatic brain damage as noted by the National Center for Injury Prevention and Control.

  • Sen. Nelson Encourages Obama to Confront Chinese Government

    Two Chinese manufacturers that have been identified using the defective Chinese drywall are currently being investigated.  One of these companies, Knauf Tianjin, is a subsidiary of the German-based Knauf International GmbH.  Knauf has financial interest in USG Corp., who has […]

  • Possible Health Risks of Chinese Drywall Still Unknown

    Reports of toxic Chinese drywall have spread from a few homes in Florida to hundreds more in several other states throughout the country.  Growing worries and complaints have driven homeowners to file lawsuits and seek aid from lawmakers.  Some homeowners […]

  • New Indicators for Toxic Drywall

    Americas Watchdog warns homeowners that toxic Chinese drywall problems occur outside of Florida as well, similar reports of houses smelling of rotten-eggs and charred electrical wiring have spread as far as he Pacific Northwest.  “We actually believe we will find […]

  • Canadian Homeowners Look at Chinese Drywall Problem

    Chinese drywall report have begun surfacing in Canada.  New homeowners in British Columbia also worry about about the health problems associated with toxic Chinese drywall that have been a problem in the US.  REsidents that have found toxic drywall in […]

  • Chinese Drywall Discovered in Florida

    chinese drywall toxic florida lawyer lawsuit defective


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