After a 100-day trial, a British Columbia judge has entered a $5 million-plus judgment in favor of a homeless woman who suffered severe brain injuries after being run over by a truck.

According to the, the woman was riding a bike at the time of the accident:

When the 27-year-old went around the pickup truck, she was hit in the head by a passing tractor-trailer truck that came too close, suffering a severe skull fracture and permanent brain damage as a result.

Her injuries have left her in a “child-like” state, impulsive and unable to care for herself, Justice William Ehrcke said.

The judge found the tractor-trailer driver 80 percent liable, and awarded the victim $5.3 million to cover the cost of future care, plus $320,000 in damages. The total judgment is worth about $5.4 million in American dollars.

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