Symptoms of traumatic brain injury cab include headaches, trouble seeing, memory loss, inability to concentrate, dizziness, seizures, and paralysis. In addition to physical and cognitive challenges, a new study reported by suggest that depression is also a factor.

Researchers at a Seattle Hospital found that of about 600 patients with mild to severe traumatic brain injury, half of them suffered from “major depressive disorder” within one year of the head blow. This is apparently eight times higher than the rate of depression among the general public. The study also found that only about 44 percent of those patients received mental health treatment for depression. The data also indicated that the patient group had a lower quality of life as compared to the non-depressed cohort.

Most of the patients in the study were injured in car crashes or slip-and-fall accidents.  As we have discussed previously in this blog, there is an increasing focus on treatment modalities for brain injuries suffered in combat and in competitive sports.

The findings were just published in the Journal of the American Medical Association.

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