A La Salle University football player and his family will receive $7.5 million in an out-of-court settlement for a severe concussion in 2005. The parties reached the settlement on December 1, the day the personal injury trial was to start in Philadelphia.

The player claimed that he suffered a concussion in practice on October 4, 2005, but was cleared to return to action two weeks later by the team’s athletic trainer despite headaches and dizziness. He allegedly suffered a “second-impact syndrome” head blow in a November 5 game against Duquesne after which he lapsed into a coma due to brain swelling, which required surgery to relieve. According to news accounts, the Duquesne injury “caused brain damage that has left him with speech impediments, memory loss and other issues that require 24-hour care.”

The family’s lawsuit apparently argued that the first concussion made the then-19-year-old freshman more vulnerable to a second catastrophic blow and that La Salle failed to provide proper treatment or diagnosis after the initial injury. La Salle settled the case with no admission of wrongdoing, but apparently alleged in court papers among other things that the player hid his symptoms from the team to get back on the field and that his injury stemmed solely from the Duquesne incident.

Football-related brain damage has come under increasing focus, particularly at the professional level in the NFL. College football as yet does not mandate a protocol for the treatment of concussions although it does address the issue in its Sports Medicine Handbook and in other publications.

For everyday people in Virginia and in other states who are outside of the world of competitive sports, traumatic brain injuries usually result from auto crashes, slip-and-fall accidents, or any jolt or shock to the head, neck, or brain. Victims may require life-long care which often places a financial burden along with an emotional toll upon the injured party along with family and loved ones.

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