Members of the House of Representatives held an “off campus” hearing in Detroit yesterday as a follow-up to their ongoing inquiry into NFL head injuries and what the league is doing about it.

Lawmakers and other panelists reacted disapprovingly to the testimony of neurologist Dr. Ira Casson. “There is not enough valid, reliable or objective scientific evidence at present to determine whether or not repeat head impacts in professional football result in long-term brain damage,” Casson, the former co-chairman of the NFL’s committee on head injuries, said.

Former players, doctors, and others on the panel disagreed, and the weight of the evidence seems to be on their side. For example, Dr. Bennet Omalu, a neuropathologist, said that concussions sustained on the football field have been documented to lead to dementia.

Although the NFL has been slow to acknowledge the connection between concussions and brain disease, it  has recently changed its tune and implemented stricter safety rules for players suffering head blows.  The NFL and the Centers For Disease Control also jointly recently released this public service video about head injuries:

Research into brain injury prevention and treatment in the world of professional athletics will have beneficial effects for anyone who might have suffered a head trauma. On a day-to-day basis, however, most Virginia residents are more likely to suffer a blow to the head in a slip-and-fall accident or in a car crash than in a sports-related injury. However, if you believe that you (or a love one) have sustained a traumatic brain injury, it is important to hire experienced legal counsel. The Virginia brain injury lawyers at The Law Offices of Richard J. Serpe, P.C. have the experience needed, and the requisite contacts with the best doctors in the area, to ensure you and your loved ones have the best representation possible in the event. Call Toll Free 877-544–5323 for a no-obligation consultation.


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