A Virginia judge has sentenced a Franconia daycare provider to more than 10 years in prison for shaking a toddler and allegedly causing permanent brain damage.

In January, a jury convicted the woman of felony child abuse and child cruelty and sentenced her to 10 years and six months in jail. On April 9, a Fairfax Circuit Court judge upheld the prison term contained in the jury’s verdict.

The case revolved around conflicting testimony from experts about “shaken baby syndrome.” According to the Washington Post

The medical dispute turned on whether a baby can be shaken hard enough to cause the brain to bleed and create eye hemorrhaging while not leaving signs of other trauma — to the neck or back, for example…Her lawyers said the appearance of hemorrhages in the back of his eyes was from a chronic condition.

The woman denied on the stand that the she had ever shaken the four-month old boy. Her lawyers plan to appeal. The boy, now 13 months old, apparently remains partially blind and continues to have seizures.

On this video, a physician explains in general what shaken baby syndrome is all about:


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