Target Corp. and a mechanical door company have reached a $7 million settlement with an 81-year-old Illinois woman who was knocked to the ground by a malfunctioning automatic door. The head injury occurred as she was entering Target’s Rosemont, Illinois store in June 2007.

According to Corboy & Demetrio, the Chicago law firm representing the injured woman, “she has suffered brain damage that has left her with some cognitive deficits.” The firm maintains that the agreement is a record settlement in Cook County for brain injuries to a woman 60 years old or older.

In their lawsuit, her attorneys among other things had argued that that Target, the owner and operator of the mechanical doors, failed to inspect and properly maintain the doors at the store, while also failing to properly follow the safety guidelines provided by the door manufacturer, co-defendant, Besam USA, Inc.

Surveillance video captured the accident:

The woman’s lawyer and her family say that the large settlement will allow the woman to leave a nursing facility and return to her home, albeit with the assistance of 24-hour caregivers.

As this story suggests, traumatic brain injuries can have far-reaching consequences on the victim and the victim’s loved ones. If you believe that you (or a family member) have sustained a traumatic brain injury, it is important to hire an experienced brain injury attorney.

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