Evidence seems to be mounting that repeated on-field football concussions could lead to dementia and other forms of brain disease in later life. National Football League officials, doctors, and former players recently testified about the growing health hazard of traumatic brain injury before Congress.

However, according to a report in the Wall Street Journal, some observers are suggesting that paradoxically the football helmet could actually increase the likelihood of brain damage.

According to the article, helmets originally were created to prevent fractured skulls, not concussions. As the Journal article further indicates, “while these helmets reduced the chances of death on the field, they also created a sense of invulnerability that encouraged players to collide more forcefully and more often. ‘Almost every single play, you’re going to get hit in the head,’ says Miami Dolphins offensive tackle Jake Long.”

One neurosurgeon cited in the article says that to prevent concussions, today’s helmets would have to be much larger and contain more padding, but heavier helmets would be more likely to cause neck injuries.

Some data suggests that helmeted NFL players are about 25% more likely to sustain a head injury than Australian-rules footballers, who wear no body armor. An Australian researcher noted that “there may be a greater prevalence of head injuries in the American game because the players hit each other with forces up to 100% greater. ‘If they didn’t have helmets on, they wouldn’t do that,’ he says.”

The NFL has no plans to eliminate headgear, however. Instead, the league is focusing on improvements to helmet technology and certain safety related rules changes.

For everyday people in Virginia and in other states who are outside of the world of competitive sports, traumatic brain injuries usually result from auto crashes, slip-and-fall accidents, or any jolt or shock to the head, neck, or brain. Victims may require life-long care which often places a financial burden along with an emotional toll upon the injured party along with family and loved ones.

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