A 21-year-old college student who suffered traumatic brain injuries in a car wreck recently received a $49 million jury award in Santa Clara, California.

The man was on his way to a camping trip when two tractor trailers crashed, and one struck the car he was riding in. The accident occurred on California State Route 152–the Pacheco Pass. As a result of the brain trauma, the man now requires 24-hour medical care.

After a five-week trial, the jury awarded the man $3.4 million for past medical expenses, $27.6 million in future medical expenses, $4.5 million for future lost wages and $13.5 million in general damages. The verdict was rendered against both truck drivers, and one of the trucking companies.

According to law.com, this appears to be the biggest single-plaintiff personal injury jury verdict by far in at least the past 10 years in Santa Clara County Superior Court.

Several other defendants in the original lawsuit, including the other trucking company and the state of California, settled out of court before the trial.

As this story suggests, traumatic brain injuries can have far-reaching consequences on the victim as well as the victim’s loved ones. Victims may require life-long care which often places a financial burden upon the injured party along with family members. As a result of the potentially devastating nature of a blow to the head, representation by the best possible attorney is crucial for a fair recovery.

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