The sport of kayaking could be an effective therapy for severe head trauma, according to a report in the Washington Examiner.

The Examiner story concerns a Marine who sustained a traumatic brain injury in Afghanistan that apparently left him unable to communicate or feed himself. After subsequently hitting a plateau in his rehabilitation, doctors give the veteran little hope for resuming a normal life.

While being treated at a VA medical center, he was approached by a volunteer from Team River Runner, a nonprofit organization that uses kayaking and other paddle sports as physical therapy for wounded soldiers. After some initial misgivings, the injured Marine signed up for kayaking classes. That seemingly made all the difference in his rehabilitation.

It turned out that kayak therapy taught him how to learn again, he said, which then enabled him to learn other tasks. The article indicates that he no longer appears as if he has suffered a brain injury. He now walks and speaks normally, and lives and travels on his own.

According to the Examiner article, the veteran “believes he was successful in learning to kayak because it’s a sensory activity that involves all of the brain’s modules for learning.”

Team River Runner accomplishes its goals through a step-by-step approach in which paddlers begin learning to control a whitewater kayak in a pool, and then move to quiet open water and where available, open ocean and rivers, where they gain additional experience and skills. Once they have mastered the basics, they are then able to go on organized trips to more progressively challenging venues.

The following clip includes interviews with two other wounded veterans who participate in the Team River Runner program:

While concussions can obviously have life-threatening implications on the battlefield, for many residents of Virginia and elsewhere around the country, traumatic brain injuries often come about from auto crashes or slip-and-fall accidents.

Traumatic brain injuries can have far-reaching consequences on the victim and the victim’s loved ones. Victims may require life-long care which often places a financial burden upon the injured party along with family members and loved ones. As a result of the potentially devastating nature of a blow to the head, representation by the best possible attorney is crucial for a fair recovery.

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