Traumatic brain injuries often cause victims to suffer an assortment of recurring symptoms, epilepsy being one such condition that has gained much recognition due to its debilitating effects.  ScienceDaily reported on July 20, 2009 that new drugs which block certain receptors within brain cells have been successful in preventing epilepsy in rats, following a traumatic brain injury.

Luisa P. Cacheaux, a graduate student at the University of California, Berkeley explained, “When we add the blockers [the drugs], the hyper-excitability that you normally see after brain trauma is gone . . . [t]he blockers also prevent a majority of the gene expression changes that we see following brain insult.”  Preliminary results have been promising in test animals, as the research indicates that “. . . most . . . [remained] seizure-free after a month.”

Neurosurgeon Alon Friedman mentioned in the article the curious nature of epilepsy and the risks associated with head trauma in general, by stating, “You can have somebody with no epileptic seizures, but the barrier is open for weeks and months after the trauma. We have initial evidence to suggest that these patients are much more susceptible to the development of epilepsy.”

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See University of California – Berkeley (2009, July 20). Drug Prevents Epilepsy Following Traumatic Brain Injury In Rats. ScienceDaily – for more information.

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